Damian is my name, single but to be honest im not looking for a relationship, as much as i may want one. From Wisconsin. I dont really JUST open up to people so ask me something. I have my problems, Im not perfect.so hear i am just trying to take everything day by day. Im easy going and i dont take things as seriously as i should some times. i hate my self but i cover it up with a lot of overly sarcastic jokes. I like to write and words mean so much to me. I take honesty very seriously and its only once you lie to me that ill really get up set. Ive been used and cheated and torn to shreds and im amazed im atill alive some days. I dont know i really dont have a whole lot to say about my self but please feel free to ask me anything you wish.
Playing with Webcam Toy

Playing with Webcam Toy


This is my first time on in probably… oh 3 months?

and wow have i changed. lol for the better though
im only back for a certian cutie though, and she knows who she is


Anonymous asked: “are you ok still? :(”

No. Lol but no need to worry about me.

somuchforatruce asked: “You seriously seem like an amazing guy. You definitely don't give yourself any credit and I wish you did. I just stumbled upon your blog and I just got a feeling that I needed to talk to you. I know this is probably lame. Please answer this privately.”

Thank you

Went off and did something different for once

Went off and did something different for once


stop being cute you live far away




that murder victim was totally asking for it, walking around with their vital organs all vulnerable

#that’s what they get for going out in public without a suit of armor

A lot of people don’t have enough money to have a suit or armor. There are some people who’d give up an arm and a leg for one.